LG TV Remote Control OEM AKB73755414


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Here we have a LG brand OEM remote control. It says "AKB73755414" at the very bottom of controller. We have up to 37 of these in stock. They are new old stock items, and most are in like new condition. A few might have a small scuff. All remotes have been fully tested, and work fine. They take 2 AA size batteries which are not included.

The TV's they are compatible with are;  LN549E, LV560H, LV570H, LY560H, LY570H, 39LN549E, 42LN549E, 55LN549E, 32LV560H, 40LV560H, 43LV560H, 49LV560H, 55LV560H, 32LV570H, 40LV570H, 43LV570H, 49LV570H, 55LV570H, 65LV570H, 32LY560H, 39LY560H, 47LY560H, 32LY570H, 39LY570H, 42LY570H, 47LY570H, 55LY570H. 

We have also shown the remote working in one of our pictures. It will be fully tested again before being shipped out. 

If you have any questions please let us know!